Monday, February 23, 2009

A Praying Family

One of the greatest joys of fatherhood is watching my young daughter learn to have a relationship with God.

I love to hear Grace sing bits and pieces of hymns and tell me about Bible stories she has read. Anna has devoted almost every morning to reading the Bible and singing songs with Grace. I love watching God's Word bear fruit in our young daughter's life-even at this early age.

Each and every night we pray together as a family-almost without exception. We each take turns praying for various things such as: our family, Grace's salvation, her future husband, our church, our friends who are missionaries, and the like. I love hearing Grace talk to her God. She is only 3, but she is no stranger to prayer. I hope that through this discipline, she will develop into a young lady with a Godward heart.

I truly believe that praying is one of the most intimate things a family can do together. I believe that if married couples and families would pray on a daily basis, we would see a radical reduction of divorce and broken families which is plaguing our nation today.

If you are reading this, I would like to encourage you to pray daily. Married? Pray with your spouse. A parent? Pray with your kids daily. I guarantee that God will mightily use it in your family relationships!