Sunday, November 9, 2008

Are You Pro-Choice?

I am currently pursuing a doctoral degree. I attended a seminar last summer that rocked my world. The issue was abortion. During the seminar, we met the founder and director of an organization that is fighting to repeal the misinformation that people have concerning abortion.

The majority of Americans seem quite content living under an allusion that abortion is all about a women's rights and claim many reasons to justify the act of abortion. You may be included, I know I was. If this is you, I implore you to watch the posted video so that you gain understanding concerning the truth of abortion.

God used this seminar to shake me to my core. It culminated January 2008, as I found myself pastor of Valley Baptist Church and preaching every Sunday. The Sanctity of Human Life Sunday was fast approaching and I had to decide would I comment on the issue. Many factors seemed to be at play. First I stumbled across a chapter in John Pipers books, "Brothers, We Are Not Professionals" that challenged pastors on this topic. I felt like such a coward. Then, I realized that I was finishing First Timothy the Sunday before Sanctity of Human Life Sunday...what would I do? I had no excuses. Ultimately, I decided that I needed to take a stand. I would preach on the topic from a biblical vantage point. This was the hardest sermon I have ever preached. I came with great personal pain, anger, and sorrow.

In my heart I don't think that someone can remain "pro-choice" after viewing this posted video, yet I know that I am wrong because many people are involved in this "medical procedure" day in and day out and are not moved by their actions. Our conscience's truly are seared concerning this subject.

To you apathetic Christian I implore you to watch the video and ask yourself, "What does God think about this?" Do you say, "Personally, I would never do it. But, I could never tell someone else what to do." Really? Watch the video, then tell me that!

There are a few things that I want to say specifically on this matter:

1. If you have been involved in abortion (both female and male), Jesus has paid the penalty for you sin. Forgiveness is available to you if you ask Him. Forgiveness and consequence are two separate matters. Once forgiven, I believe it can take many years to sort through the guilt, shame, and scars.

2. I believe aborted children are resting in the arms of God. They are safe with Him.

3. Concerning abortion to day. This is murder. We must act to defend the lives of the innocent. I am not suggesting that we murder abortionist, but we must rise up and help the helpless somehow.

Please people, watch this video. Let it hurt. Let the tears flow. Be ignorant no more!

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