Thursday, July 21, 2011

I Would Like to Scratch Your Itch

One of the hardest things about blogging, or writing really, is inspiration to write on issues that are important to those reading. When I sense a subject that is of importance and could serve as an aid to help someone, I have all the motivation to write. If I lack the inspiration, my motivation wanes and I end up writing simply to keep the blog active.

I am officially shouting out for help. What are your questions, struggles, concerns about this life? The subject has to be in the realm of faith, Christianity, the Bible, etc, etc. as I have no expertise to offer you concerning building a shed or laying tile--although I have down both!

I also understand most questions that are of value are also sensitive in nature. Please feel free to send me a private note on Facebook or to I am looking to create a data base of subjects to write on. Your identity will be kept confidential! Thank you!

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The Texas Citizen Soldier said...

You have a truly unique perspective that so many would probably deem contradictory being both an elite warrior and a pastor. But those of us who serve know better- our faith and what we've been called to do for our country are inseparable.

In May you wrote: "...I must write a book to help Christians who serve in the capacity of law enforcement and the military." I think you're spot on and those same people want to read your blog :)

I'd love to see articles that discuss some of the concepts that are hard to balance as a Christian and a solider- like loving your enemy. Or advice and encouragement on how to stay connected to your spouse in the midst of a demanding career in the military. Or reminders of how important it is to share Christ with your fellow soldiers.

Thanks for your willingness to take some input. I look forward to what you have to say.