Saturday, January 24, 2015

Movie Review - American Sniper

“Did you see it?”  Is the question I’m asked with movies like American Sniper, Lone Survivor and other Navy SEAL movies like these that come out.  Usually, I don’t watch them.  I really don’t find them entertaining.  They are difficult to watch for they tell the stories of my friends, my brothers.  For whatever reason, I felt compelled to watch American Sniper because a friend of mine played himself in the movie and I wanted to support him.

The movie is Rated R, so do your own research to determine if this movie is appropriate for you or those who are entrusted to your care.  You can review it on Plugged In Online for a trusted review.  It is a movie that depicts war and its harsh aftermath so it is not appropriate for all.  I’m not writing this review to endorse the appropriateness of this movie for you and your situation.

I appreciate the overwhelming positive response to Chris Kyle and his service.  I’m not quite sure what triggers the population to go out and spend a small fortune to watch a movie at a theater, but clearly this movie drew out the masses.  I’ve been moved by the outpouring of support by Americans who have expressed their thankfulness and compassion for the sacrifice of service members.  Indeed our service members are great people and have sacrificed much throughout the last few years.

I have a difficult time agreeing with others who react to this movie with phrases like, “This was the best movie I’ve ever seen!” or “This was an awesome movie!”  I get the heart behind these phrases and I get it.  However, these comments made me apprehensive, as this movie is a true story.  Chris was killed.  Ryan Job was killed.  Marc Lee was killed.  These are real people whose lives crossed my path in life.  I wish they were alive today and with their families, but this is their story and there are many left in the wake of their deaths.  Because this movie is grounded in a difficult reality, I just can’t review it as entertainment.

What I can say about the movie is this.  I believe those who created this movie told the story well.  I believe the lives of Marc, Ryan, and Chris were honored in the story line of this movie.  I’m thankful for how the story was told.  War wasn’t glamorized.  Evil was presented as a reality.  The strain on the families and their sacrifice was highlighted.  Without giving anything away, I really appreciated how the movie ended.

Probably not the best review of the movie out there, but it’s what I was able to muster.  While the story concludes at the end of this movie, it continues for many veterans and their family members.  I am often asked how can people help, or where can they give.   The non-profit I am currently recommending to people is the Navy SEALSFund.  It is actively helping SEALs who are in need of help quickly and effectively.


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