Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Random Acts of Kindness

This is a picture of a huge Chipotle burrito. I confess, I am a huge fan--well that puts it mildly. I could eat one of these literally everyday, but unfortunately, I don't.

Sunday evening I found myself in Chipotle, after celebrating my niece's one-year birthday. Going through the line I was placing my regular order--veggie burrito with all the fixins and an extra dose of hot sauce--when I noticed there was a San Diego police officer behind me. When I noticed the officer I got really nervous, adrenaline started to run through my veins...

Okay, you should know I am not a felon on the run...those days are over! :) So why was I so nervous? You see a few years ago I read a book by Steve Sjogren "Community of Kindness" and in it he talks about doing random acts of kindness to bless people as a Christian. This Sunday at church I preached on Ephesians 4:25-32 and there was a verse that essentially says to steal no longer, but to work in order to share with those in need. So there I stood, ordering my grub with this cop right behind me. I was nervous. Do I do it or not? Why would I just buy somebody a meal that I don't know? People will think I am weird or something...

As I reached the cashier, I did it! When the cashier asked, "Anything else?" I said, "Yes, whatever the police officer is having." The officer was very thankful and couldn't believe it. I shared with her that I was a Sheriff chaplain and I was thankful for her service and wanted to bless her. It was amazing to see her demeanor change so radically and so quickly by one random act of kindness!

Try it this week. I dare you. Next time you are in Starbucks, buy the coffee for the person behind you. Look for opportunities to bless people. When they ask why, you simply respond, "God has blessed me and I want to bless you!"

Please share your stories with us as you run this experiment!

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