Friday, October 3, 2008

In Search of Hapiness

Happiness. We all seem to seek it, but few know where it is found. The presidential campaign, along with the media, seem to paint the picture that Americans are, in large part, unhappy. Is this true? I suspect it is for the most part.

In preparation for preaching through the book of Ecclesiastes, I have been studying up through reading the book itself along with commentaries.

In David Jeremiah's book "Searching for Heaven on Earth", he cites some fascinating information. CNN recently reported on the "Happiness Index" which found that these countries have some of the happiest people: Nigeria, Mexico, Venezuela, El Salvador, and Puerto Rico! The USA came in 16th place, Australia 20th, and Great Britain 24th! Anything seem odd to you with this report? Apparently, wealth has little connection to happiness. I believe Dennis Prager has been saying this for some time on his "Happiness Hour."

Okay, so your response may be similar to the father in "Fiddler on the Roof", "Then may the Lord smite me with it [wealth]!" I concede, I too have had similar feelings about desiring wealth. Don't we all? We chase, succeed a little, then realize we are no happier then when we began.

It seems happiness is a byproduct of something greater. John Piper has suggested that happiness is essentially obtained as we are most satisfied in God. I am finding that this is true in my life. My prayer is that I don't get off track and seek the pleasures of this world to satisfy my longing for happiness that can only be fulfilled in Christ Jesus.

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