Saturday, October 4, 2008

A Shame...

There is much that can be said about OJ. One aspect that hit me today, especially in the wake of my studying Ecclesiastes, is that OJ had it all. He was an extremely gifted athlete and made tremendous amounts of money.

His football career opened the door to Hollywood, where he made a few movies--The Naked Gun, probably is most notable (in my humble estimation). None of this remembered in history...for the murder trial and now this conviction will certainly leave a huge mark on his memory.

The lesson I am taught is that money and fame will not satisfy what only the Creator can. We try so hard to fill that void in our hearts with stuff--booze, drugs, material stuff, work...but in the end it rarely satisfies.

I hesitate saying that OJ has totally wasted his life. You see Jesus longs to redeem him. Hopefully OJ will meet his Maker while he spends some time away...

May OJ's example teach us all a valuable lesson: Don't waste your life!

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